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A medium for the selective enrichment of salmonellae from faeces, food and sewage.

First described by Leifson in 1936 the medium is a peptone lactose broth, moderately buffered, which utilises sodium biselenite as a selective agent.

Introduced by Sabouraud in 1910 as a selective medium for fungi and yeasts.

The acidic pH (5.6) of this medium inhibits many species of
bacteria. The medium can be made more selective by the addition of chloramphenicol supplement (X009) (X209). Diagnostic features,
such as sporing structures and pigmentation are well developed on this medium. Because of its low pH this medium is very sensitive to
overheating which will soften the agar and caramelise the carbohydrate.

An osmotically controlled solution for the preparation of suspensions of food samples and for use as a diluent in dilution techniques for bacterial enumeration.

The solution can also be used in the sampling of food production apparatus by the rinse and swab method.