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Prepared by the autolysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae under thermostatically controlled conditions to protect the B vitamins and other heat labile constituents.

This extract provides a mixture of amino acids, peptides, vitamins and carbohydrates making it suitable for many applications.

A special blend of peptones developed for use in the production of Foot and Mouth vaccine.

A blend of peptones suitable for the cultivation of most fastidious organisms including Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Streptococcus milleri and Brucella spp. Especially where rapid or profuse growth is required such as in blood culture media and blood agars.

An enzymatic hydrolysate of casein, rich in peptones and amino acids (including tryptophan).

This peptone can be utilised by most as a growth substrate.

Prepared using the enzyme papain to digest soyabean meal, this peptone is a rich source of nutrients with a high carbohydrate content.